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You do not have to get a copy of your military records but they may help you to prepare your discharge appeal, to discuss your case with a counsel or representative, and to understand the official reason for your discharge.

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PRF itself, substantive changes to the record of performance used to assess performancebased potential, or a material error in the PRF preparation process may justify changes to the PRF.

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These are internal JAGC measures to assist in the efficient and expeditious investigation of cases.

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At the discretion of the Management Level, all senior raters who awarded a definitely promote or who are competing officers for a definitely promote recommendation do not need to participate in the quality review process atthe Management Level Review.

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The basic process is as follows: both sides of a controversy are obliged to declare in advance of trial what witnesses they plan to call, and what each witness is expected to testify to.

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Reporting Violations: Should any counsel, or any other person involved in the trial process choose to report a violation of the Rules of Court, the report should be made to the detailed trial judge through counsel.

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Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition James Geurts released a memo noting that there are specific FARS clauses directly relevant to potential situations that could arise as a result of the pandemic.

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